The Value Builder System™ relies on an International Advisory Board of experts who guide our strategic direction and lead our community of advisors:

John Nieuwenburg
W5 Coaching

John Nieuwenburg is an award winning Business Coach who has worked with hundreds of clients. There are almost as many different kinds of business coaching as there are business coaches. John coaches in 3 primary areas. Business growth: getting results using proven tools, strategies and techniques, Personal Growth: working with you to make the shifts in mindset needed to facilitate success and Accountability: helping you to stay accountable for the results you have chosen that up until now may have been just a dream.

In an earlier life John was the Managing Director of the BC Liquor Stores that now does $2.8 Billion in revenue with a net income of $911 million. Before that he was an Executive with a national menswear retailer.

When not coaching, John enjoys being with his wife Jennifer, as well as golf, skiing, running and reading.

Steve Wilcox
Resultants For Business

Steve Wilcox is President and co-Founder of Resultants For Business (RFB), a non-traditional business advisory firm focusing on an organization’s Strategic Execution, Value Acceleration and Exit & Transition Strategy. The RFB Team of 12 members delivers implementation through facilitating the framework and tools proven to accelerate growth and drive value.

Steve’s entrepreneurial experience encompasses more than 40 years of starting up, operating and selling various businesses. He and his wife, Terri, have co-preneured six companies; together developing skills in sales, marketing, operations and business management systems. Throughout their efforts at running these businesses, one critical success factor has remained the same... specific, strategic business systems must be in place and executed in order to be successful and increase the value of an organization.

As an RFB Business Advisor, Steve works side-by-side with business owners and their management teams, providing clarity of thought and the courage to act in the best interest of the organization being served. Steve has a passion for entrepreneurship and helping organizations realize their full potential.

An experienced facilitator and speaker, Steve has presented a wide variety of topics on a regional, national and international stage. Throughout his career, Steve has been actively involved in service and leadership; serving organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Rotary International, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Junior Achievement Board, UW-River Falls Foundation Board and his local Chamber of Commerce. He and Terri have been instrumental developing and delivering an international training program to Rotary clubs world-wide; most recently presenting in Norway, Sweden and Atlanta.

Terri Wilcox
Resultants For Business

Terri Wilcox is a founding partner of Resultants For Business (RFB), a business advisory firm serving entrepreneurial owners and their leadership teams in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and Western Wisconsin. She specializes in people strategies and building teams of great people that positively change lives. Terri has been a business advisor, strategic planner and leadership team facilitator for over 15 years. She is a certified Value BuilderTM Coach and is the creator of Resultants For Business’s unique Exit & Transition Planning Process for business owners and their families.

Terri and her husband, Steve, have co-preneured, managed and transitioned out half a dozen businesses. More importantly, Terri understands what it takes to improve the value of the company based on workforce engagement, culture development and leadership best practices, which blend together to build high performance teams that are inspired and exhibit the courage needed to deal with the challenges businesses face today.

Speaking to audiences ranging from business owners to mid-level managers to community service leaders and volunteers, Terri draws upon first-hand experience as a business owner, people strategist, coach, teacher and facilitator, making each presentation real and impactful.

Jane Drigans
Resultants For Business

Jane Drigans has worked alongside company owners and entrepreneurs, helping to grow small businesses for nearly thirty years. In 2006, Jane joined Resultants For Business (RFB), a business advisory firm serving owners and their leadership teams as a catalyst for breakthrough growth. As Integrator/COO, Jane oversees the daily operations of the firm providing strategic leadership and oversight in the areas of Marketing, Client Services, IT and Finance.

Prior to joining RFB, Jane’s career was centered in the photo industry. She managed the operations, service/product development, marketing and communications of privately-owned portrait studios and photo labs in West Central WI and the Minneapolis metro area. She also ran her own freelance portrait business for several years. Photography has remained a creative outlet and when she’s not at the office, Jane enjoys time with family, horseback riding, reading, gardening and the great outdoors.

Greg Ellwood
Sunbelt Business Brokers

Greg has been involved in the Business Brokerage Industry for over 12 years. As well as being a Certified Value Builder, Greg is a Certified Business Intermediary and a Sunbelt office owner. He has been involved in the franchise arena in a number of different capacities during his career. He worked for Mobil Oil Corp. for 16 years in variety of roles (Franchise Sales, QSR Operations, Special Projects, Fuels Marketing, and Site Selection). He holds a degree in Finance and Management and has owned several small businesses in the Northern Virginia area.

Geoff Green
GRG Momentum

Geoff Green is one of Australia’s leading business exit strategists, an entrepreneur and corporate lawyer. He is also a Certified Value Builder.

He is the founder of GRG Momentum, a boutique business advisory firm which provides strategic advice and tailored programs to business owners looking to successfully exit their business.

Over a diverse 30 year career working in business advisory, corporate law and his own business ventures, Geoff has assisted hundreds of Australian entrepreneurs and high growth companies.

Geoff has a passion for entrepreneurship, commercializing innovation and building high growth companies, with a particular interest in strategic business exits.

He specializes in advising business owners on how to maximize the value of their business, achieve highly profitable business exits and prepare for the next stage of their lives.

Geoff has been involved in establishing and exiting several businesses including BSX, an alternative stock exchange, set up as a start-up business and sold within 5 years for a substantial profit to NSX. Geoff was a co-founder of BSX, together with Computershare and Bendigo Bank, and its initial managing director.

Private business owners highly value Geoff’s strategic input and he holds director and advisory board positions with a number of private companies.

Geoff is author of the highly regarded book: The Smart Business Exit: Getting Rewarded for your Blood, Sweat and Tears.

He is also a sought after key note speaker on high growth business strategies, building enterprise value and successful business exits as well as a regular contributor to a range of mainstream and online media.

Bob Clements
Benchmark Business Group

Bob Clements is Co-founder, Strategic Marketing Director, and General Counsel for Benchmark Business Group, which provides business coaching, consulting, and business brokerage services. Since 1999, BBG has coached businesses in most of the 50 States and several foreign countries, in addition to aiding business owners in preparing their business for sale, and assisting buyers in successfully transitioning management and operation of their recently acquired business. It is the most unique and successful business brokerage in Iowa.

For the past 12 years, BBG has distinguished itself in the insurance and financial services industry as a leader in business development coaching and consulting for both independent and captive agents, as well as field leaders and managers, and has fostered exponential growth and life-altering change in countless agencies through its proprietary Optimal Outcome™ Program.

Bob earned his Juris Doctorate in 1973 from Creighton University School of Law and was a practicing attorney for more than thirty years. He has worked primarily in the areas of business law, commercial transactions, banking, business workouts, reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, and in 2002 was certified as a Senior E-Myth Consultant. In a more holistic approach to the practice of law, Bob has guided many business owners through difficult organizational, planning and financial issues, and has served as a facilitator and mediator in numerous business cases. He has been an owner and manager in five businesses, and has been president of his local chamber of commerce, a community improvement association for downtown businesses, and a venture capital group. In addition, for more than ten years, he served as a board member of a multi-bank holding company and two of its subsidiaries.

In addition to his duties as Strategic Marketing Director, he serves as General Counsel for Benchmark Business Group, guiding the Company and its team through the many legal issues that arise during its representation and facilitation of the business buying and selling process. He also remains Of Counsel and advisor to his former law firm.

Susan Clements
Benchmark Business Group

Susan Clements is co-owner and Chief Executive Officer for Benchmark Business Group, LLC, a business coaching and business brokerage Company serving small to mid-size businesses. Susan became a certified Senior E-Myth Consultant in 2002 and provides operational and strategic coaching and consulting services to businesses owners and leaders throughout the United States.

For more than thirty-five years, Susan has managed or owned businesses in Colorado and Iowa, from guest ranches and ski resorts, to commercial and residential cleaning and maintenance companies, to retail shops; and from industrial construction company office administration to public utility administration. She has experienced and steered large and small businesses through a broad spectrum of business issues and opportunities; management problems, personnel issues, customer service challenges, strategic planning, systems development, and opportunities for growth and change. She co-founded Benchmark Business Group, LLC in 1999, which further acquired assets of a business brokerage in 2011.

In addition to serving as C.E.O. and Operations Director for Benchmark Business Group, Susan authored the Optimal Outcome coaching program for financial services businesses and heads product development. She is a Senior Business Analyst, is Value Builder certified and advises clients on strategies for designing businesses to have more value, preparing businesses for sale, and works with owners to successfully maneuver the process of selling their businesses.