Seventy five percent of owners regret the decision to sell their business one year after they exit and just 5% of founders are happy with their net proceeds from selling.

How is it possible that three quarters of owners are disappointed just one year after what should be the happiest day of their life? The answer is, most owners fail to consider the practical and emotional factors that can lead to disappointment after an exit.

The questions that make up the Personal Readiness to Exit (PRE) Score questionnaire are designed to help you evaluate your preparedness to exit your business and ensure you leave your company with no regrets. Upon completing the questionnaire, you'll get your PREScore™ along with your individual results in a personalized report. This report will measure your Personal Readiness to Exit your business and provide a summary of unseen factors that could lead to regret if not addressed along with our recommendations for a happy and lucrative exit.

You’ll also instantly receive the e-book The Exit Checklist: A 5-Step Personal Action Plan For A Happy (and lucrative) Exit From Your Business.

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